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Perceptions Of Life
Life is a state of energetic vibration.
Vibration is the resonance of being.
Being is the basis for thought.
Thought is a pattern of energy.
Energy is the ability to effect change.
Change is the nature of growth.
Growth is the essence of experience.
Experience is a memory of existence.
Existence is the perception of life.
:icononest8:OneST8 3 1
Mature content
Skinny White Corporate Sellout :icononest8:OneST8 0 3
Farm Road: 41 by OneST8 Farm Road: 41 :icononest8:OneST8 0 0 Farm Road: 39 by OneST8 Farm Road: 39 :icononest8:OneST8 1 1 Farm Road: 36 by OneST8 Farm Road: 36 :icononest8:OneST8 1 1 Farm Road: 35 by OneST8 Farm Road: 35 :icononest8:OneST8 1 0 Farm Road: 34 by OneST8 Farm Road: 34 :icononest8:OneST8 1 1 Farm Road: 32 by OneST8 Farm Road: 32 :icononest8:OneST8 1 0 Farm Road: 30 by OneST8 Farm Road: 30 :icononest8:OneST8 0 0 Farm Road: 26 by OneST8 Farm Road: 26 :icononest8:OneST8 1 0
One State
Where do I stop?
Where do I begin?
Somewhere at the top
Or somewhere within?
Sometime ago
I questioned myself
I had to let go
To hold onto my health
These dreams I have
Guide me in space
Through time I drive
To a special place
An instance of mind
With thoughts I trace
Myself I've defined
In effortless grace
Everything I've done
I've laced with my soul
Yet not everyone
Understands my goal
I may be older
Than my years let on
Still need a shoulder
That I can lean on
I am but one
In this human race
A state undone
With my soul as lace
A madness to share
The thoughts insane
With you out there
My heart is now tame
:icononest8:OneST8 2 3
State Of Being
A state of grace
And timeless being
A turning face
And eye of seeing
Like rings of smoke
Flowing in the wind
The words I spoke
Have seem to thinned
The taste so sweet
A life unlived
Hearken my feet
To the path forgived
With severed ties
And burning bridge
Your heart of lies
Fall beyond the ridge
Though many call
None truly answer
And I did stall
To find my dancer
With clarity of mind
I do proceed
To embrace the kind
My heart doth need
On a new moon night
I had realized
The beckoning light
Was by my side
From that moment
The spell was cast
To end my torment
With a love to last
:icononest8:OneST8 5 6
Happiness is the silent breaking of dawn
When the moon recedes and darkness is gone
Happiness is a flowing wisp of her hair
When it catches a ray of the golden sun's glare
Happiness is a long conversation with depth
When the coffee is warm and words steal your breath
Happiness is a sweet moment that's drawn
When it takes some time yet does not feel long
Happiness is that connection of eyes
When the clouds break and open the skies
Happiness is the smooth voice on your ear
When the words spoken ring true and clear
Happiness is sharing the depths of the mind
When the emotion is strong yet pleasantly kind
Happiness is excitement enthralled
When the world seems to have slowly stalled
Happiness is found in every glorious day
When nothing can take nature's beauty away
Happiness is the silent breaking of dawn
When the moon recedes and darkness is gone
:icononest8:OneST8 2 5
Debian Simplified to Black... by OneST8 Debian Simplified to Black... :icononest8:OneST8 0 0 Venus and the Moon by OneST8 Venus and the Moon :icononest8:OneST8 0 3
Canadian Geese flying high and free
Squaking along ever so merrily
The distance they travel; almost unknown
That doesn't matter, the world is their home
:icononest8:OneST8 0 5

Random Favourites

TO THE EMERALD TOWERS by frail TO THE EMERALD TOWERS :iconfrail:frail 35 79
Dead Man's Gun
Isolated not in fear, but as I am,
permanently displayed in routine analysis remaining nothing extraordinary,
just an image of vulnerability.
Concept quite hard to bare,
to be seen as just another flawed statistic,
to find myself envisioned within
a solitary moment, target to be revealed.
Listen to myself,
my mind is broken, faultered overwhelming.
Memories blind of cruel exploit
penetrates deep inside, split wide open.
Rested not upon the ability to recognize
as in that which is placed into perspective-
to know all my intentions were clear.
To view as an epidemic deemed justifiable
in self destruction of plagued disposition,
defined disterbed my desire in escaped salvation.
Without fear exposed of hands grasp,
.45 cal placed just right, pull the trigger-
I wish I were dead.
Silent are the eyes that stare,
this is my life
all imperfections guaranteed.
Silhouettes dancing, ghostly shadow I cannot see,
dark pained relieved of cold sorrow.
Unearthed flesh torn apart,
wet stained crimson r
:iconangel-o-death:angel-o-death 3 9
Simplify Black by nostromo2k3 Simplify Black :iconnostromo2k3:nostromo2k3 10 4 Debian Moment by nostromo2k3 Debian Moment :iconnostromo2k3:nostromo2k3 76 38 THE FOREST WAS FULL OF WONDERS by frail THE FOREST WAS FULL OF WONDERS :iconfrail:frail 151 101
Teddy Bear
In my heart or in my arms,
this teddy bear I will keep.
When the night becomes lonely and scary,
you I shall find
to turn around or upside down,
bringing the sun to my skies.
As time seems to age
life will grow,
becoming more then it is.
Where new beginnings create,
fade the past to what it was.
But fear not,
for you will always remain
my one and only Teddy Bear!
:iconangel-o-death:angel-o-death 1 9
IN THE MOON GARDENS by frail IN THE MOON GARDENS :iconfrail:frail 781 183
Delightful Request
Wrapped up in the fantasy of it all,
thoughts of emotions I believe
given reason knows it's all I have.
Stillness in memories,
lost surround in these precious hours.
Dreams pass me comes alive,
encased golden light of the dawn
eminates such clarity made worth while-
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Beings merged in duce
caressed around the early morn.
Veil of stars that hold soon fade
enfolded in the warmth a desire,
the gentle touch of a man inarmed.
Pinned beneath a tender embrace
a moment of passion in pure ecstasy,
of essence held beauty
that could never be etched in stone.
Post questions and all the rest,
the lover weilds in hearts beat
held of cunning ador.
A request to make
in promise remain true,
of a joy to find myself
within your arms I wake.
Bide my thoughts to view
in such moments delight with you.
:iconangel-o-death:angel-o-death 1 2
ALYCTAN by frail ALYCTAN :iconfrail:frail 49 51 TO THE FOREST ANGEL by frail TO THE FOREST ANGEL :iconfrail:frail 569 243 COLLAB :: Ethereal by alyn COLLAB :: Ethereal :iconalyn:alyn 864 310 Stellar Secrets by alyn Stellar Secrets :iconalyn:alyn 226 119    Goodbye by alyn Goodbye :iconalyn:alyn 426 257



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